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Popcorn Time Finds A New Home After The EURid Pulled Its Domain

TechCrunch Logo 500When your product streams pirated content, it’s safe to expect some complications along the way. The Time4Popcorn fork of the popular Popcorn Time project recently had to find a new domain following the sudden removal of time4popcorn.eu. But the developers tell me this latest kerfuffle won’t stop the development of the program and they have already found a new domain

The project can currently be found at http://popcorn-time.se. That is, of course, until this domain is pulled.

According to the developers, the removal of the original domain did “tremendous damage” to the project, most notably by killing the project’s SEO with Google and other search engines.

True enough, Google Popcorn Time and the top link directs to another Popcorn Time fork.

The team tells me that the original domain was taken down because of some sort of legal investigation taking place in Belgium. Apparently, according to them, the domain was removed without any notice.

TorrentFreak noted a few days ago that the domain was removed “on suspicion that it was registered using inaccurate contact details.”

Since the rise and fall of the original open source Popcorn Time, several groups of developers have taken up the standard and charged forward with the project. This particular fork quickly rolled the program onto new platforms — most recently iOS, which can be installed on non-jailbroken devices with this trick.

Full article is here : Popcorn Time Finds A New Home After The EURid Pulled Its Domain
TechCrunch – 10/13/2014