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A new hurdle for ‘Netflix for Pirates’ app Popcorn Time: U.K. moves to ban it

BGR logo 500Popcorn Time, also informally known as “Netflix for pirates,” is a very popular video-streaming application for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS that offers users quick access to free movies and TV shows using a very sleek interface. However, the service isn’t legal, as it offers users access to pirated content that’s played on their computer almost instantly, as it downloads via torrents. And copyright holders don’t like that.

According to Variety, a U.K. chancery court already approved an order requiring Internet service providers in the country to block Popcorn Time.

“As stated in the written judgment, Popcorn Time has no legitimate purpose and it only serves to infringe copyright,” the MPAA said about the ruling. “Court orders are a proportionate and effective measure to tackle sites dedicated to facilitating and promoting online copyright infringement.”

“The film and TV industry is comprised of hundreds of thousands of men and women working hard behind the scenes to bring the vibrant, creative stories we enjoy to the screen; content theft undermines that hard work,” the MPAA added.

Variety also points out that Netflix itself is very much aware of the dangers Popcorn Time poses to its business, having discussed the increased popularity of the service compared to Netflix and HBO in the Netherlands in a letter to shareholders last quarter.

Full article is here : A new hurdle for ‘Netflix for Pirates’ app Popcorn Time: U.K. moves to ban it
BGR – 04/29/2015